The Secret To Permanent Weight Loss!


I Don't Want To Teach You How To Cure Your Weight Problems. -  I Want To Show You How To Eliminate THE CAUSE Of Your Weight Problems. –


Big Difference!


Wouldn't You Love To Get Slim And Thumb Your Nose

At Diets Forever?

And Never Have To Diet Again?



Do You Realize That's Exactly What People Did Till Forty Years Ago, Before Dieting Became A NORMAL Thing To Do?  We Got Up In The Morning, Had Our Breakfast And Went To Work With A Packed Lunch.




We Had A Morning Or Afternoon Break And Went Home To A Healthy, Satisfying Dinner Just As Our Parents And Grandparents Did. We Didn’t Stop To Think: Am I Overeating? Am I Eating The Right Food? Am I Putting On Weight? Am I Looking Fat?  Should I Start Another Diet? Am I Getting Enough Exercise?

 Those Questions Didn't Occur To Us....




If You Want A Lean, Healthy Body, For The rest of Your Life. You Need To Get To That Place Where "You Never Have To Diet Again". That Means You Need To Learn How To Reconnect With Your Body And Allow It To Control Your Weight.  Your Body Was Designed To Manage Your Metabolism And Digestive System.  - That Was Never Meant To be YOUR JOB!


You Can Start Today With A 7 Day Trial For Just $1. It Includes The First Module. If You Don't Want To proceed, You Get To Keep The Module!


So What Is This Program That Will Eliminate Your Weight And Keep You Lean And healthy For The Rest of Your Life?


Fitness 026

Today, We've Become Obsessed With Our Physique, Muscle Tone, Body Shape And Fitness.  We Obsess About Our Hair, Make up Skin Tone, Clothes And Grooming.  We Exercise And Diet Relentlessly, -  Because We Believe We're All Getting Fat - And Most Of Us Are.  Somehow, During The Past 40 Years, We Have Lost The Connection To Our Own  Body.  Something We Once Took For Granted.


Fashion 019

We Are So Busy With Our Outward Appearance, We Have Completely Forgotten That Most of The Really Important Stuff, Actually Happens Inside Our Body. We Are Part Of Nature And Governed By Evolution.  Our Body Does Not Adapt, It Evolves And There Has been No Noticeable Evolution In Recent Millenniums.


You Don’t Need To Return To The Paleo Era To Get The Right Food For Your Body.  You Need Only Go Back To The Mid Twentieth Century.  Just Before We Began To Add Fake Processed Foods To Our Daily Diet.  That’s When We Started To Get Fat And That's Why We Began To Diet.

We Have Lost Our Natural Instincts, Like Earth 011Intuitive Eating, That Led Us To Eat The Right Food. It Kept Us Lean And Healthy For Generations.  Today We Listen To Self Nominated "Experts", Who Advise Us, Not With The Authority Of A Medical Or Science Degree, But With The Backing Of Pseudo Science And Research, Supplied By A Self Serving Food Industry.


Till Forty Years Ago, We chose Our Food By Instinct, As Did Every Generation Before Us.  Our Body Signalled When We Were Hungry And We Knew Instinctively The Right Food For Our Body And Our Taste Buds.  Our Instincts Kept Us Safe From Bad And Dangerous Foods. That Still Left Us With A Smorgasbord Of Delicious Choices And Endless Variety. These Were The Foods Guaranteed To Keep Us Lean And Healthy.  Today Those Foods Are Disappearing And Our Food Choices Are Shrinking As They Are Replaced By Processed Substitutes.  These are Proving To Make Us Fat And Unhealthy.


Today We No Longer Pay Attention To 043f63a72aeebc90f07b2424_1920Our Internal Body.  We Barely Remember It's There.  It Has No Relevance In Our Lives. We View It As Boring And Pointless. We Have "Experts" For That - Right?  Our Minds Are Cluttered With Thoughts Of Foods And Snacks. OUR BRAIN Signals Our Cravings Almost Constantly. It Drives Us To Binge Eat And Demands We Eat Food Our Body Neither Wants Or Understands. But That's OK, We Don't Listen To Our Body Anyway. 


We Have Lost Our Natural Instincts And We Have No Idea What Our Body Needs FROM US.  We Eat What We Are Told To Eat, by self-nominated Experts!  We Binge Eat. We Get Food Cravings And We Constantly Obsess About Food.  We Think By Eating "A Balanced Diet Of Everything", We Are Safe And Covered.  But Today, 70% Of "That Everything" Includes All The Bad Foods That Are Making Us Obese And Exposing Us To Diabetes Type 2.  None Of This Behaviour Was NORMAL, Till Around 40 Years Ago.  So Those BIG Question Are Now:



This Membership Teaches You How To Family 002Recover Your Natural Instincts.  This Will Enable You To Select The Food Your Body Requires, To Be Able To Take Care Of You.  A Lean, Healthy Life Depends On It. You'll Learn How Easy It Is To Lose The Weight When You Let Your Body Do The Job It Was Designed To Do.  The Weight Loss Happens Without A Diet, Without Exercise And Without Any Pills Or Potions.  


This Is Weight Loss According To Nature's Rules, Just As it Used To Be Before We began To Diet. Your Internal Body Is No Different To Those Human Beings Who Emerged From The last Ice Age.  Your Body Was Not Designed To Be Used By Self-Elected "Diet Experts", For Their Kitchen Bench Experiments With Fake, Processed Foods.


What Is Included In The Membership?


images (9)You Get A 12 Week Membership Course, That Includes 6 Modules.  Each Module Is A Mini Course, Lasting 2 Weeks. They Include Step By Step Instructions And Background Information To Make Sure You Understand How And Why it Works.  


You'll Have 24/7  Access To Our Private Skype Group, Where You Can meet Up With Other members And Share Your Experience.  You'll Also get Access To A Library Of More Than 100 Articles, Explaining Every Aspect Of The Course.  Through Skype, You'll Have Direct Access To Me Whenever You Need Me. 

Answers To Some Common



Science Didn't Create You, Nature Did. It Gave You A Smorgasbord Of Foods To Suit Your Body And Your Tastebuds.  You've Replaced That With Fake Food It Doesn't Understand. Nature Doesn't Make Mistakes. It Didn't Make Us Fat Or Unhealthy. That Was Our Own Doing. Another Example Of Human Intervention!



Weight Problems Are Caused By Fake Foods And Pseudo Science.  I Know How, When And Why This Got Started.  I Maybe The Only Person, Prepared To Reveal How You Can Get Back To NORMAL Weight –Permanently, Without Diets, Exercise, Pills Or Potions!



I Have Always Expected A Paper To Be Published By A University, Somewhere In The World.  But I’ve Grown Older And Wiser And Now Realize, What I Know Is Worth Billions Of $$$ To Big Business. - But Only As Long As It’s Kept Secret.  If Exposed, It Becomes Worthless.



At 74, I’m The Last Generation Who Was There, In The Middle Of It, When It Began.  I Could Have Profited Like So Many Did, But I Took A Different Path.  Yet It Was Always On My Mind.  I Began To Realize, Since Clearly, No one Else Would Ever Do This,  I had A Responsibility To Reveal My Knowledge While I Still Could. - Till Now, I Just Wasn't Sure How.

What Will The 6 Modules Teach You?

You Will learn How To get To Know Your Body. * How To Know What Your Body Wants To Eat. * How You Can Re-Connect And Make Friends With Your Body.
You Will Learn how To Combat Food Cravings. * How To Discover The Types Of Food Your Body Wants. * How You Can learn To Use Intuitive Eating.
You'll Develop A new Lifestyle. * You'll Learn To Select The Food That Suits Your Body. * Your Own Body Will Teach You How To Re-Develop Intuitive Eating.
In the First Week, You'll Already Notice Changes. *Your Body Will Begin To Adjust.* It Will Gradually Cause A Weight Loss That Will Last A Lifetime.
IN SUMMARY: Each Module Is A Standalone, Mini Course. You Have 2 weeks To complete Each One. They include step by step instructions and reveal information never before disclosed. The Course Is Life Changing. You'll Embark On A New Path To A Lean Healthy Body That'll Last A Lifetime.





When You Diet, You Literally Abuse Your Body. If You Want Your Weight Gone For Good - You Must Allow it To Do The Job Nature Intended. Wouldn't You Love To Go Through A Day, And Not Constantly Think About Food?



Don't You Want To Stop Those Constant Cravings, That Make You Lose Control And Drive You To Binge Eat? 


Look At It This Way. If I Could Do It In My 60's, You Can Do It Now.


It Doesn't Hurt Like Starvation, Because You Won't be Dieting. You Are In Control. And I'll Help You Every Step Of The Way. 


Think About It. Don't You Agree The Last Thing You Need Is Another "Miracle Diet"?  Plain, Simple Logic Tells Us, If Such A Diet Has EVER Existed, The Whole World Would Know. Weight Problems Simply Wouldn't Exist. So Why Are We All Dieting And Still Getting Fat?


The Answer Is Simple!  Weight Problems DIDN'T EXIST, Till We Began To Diet.   


zThis Program Offers You And Your Family A Lean, Healthy Body That'll Last A Lifetime. Your Own Internal Body Will Be Back In Control, Doing The Job Nature Designed It To do.  This Choice Wasn't Available To Your Parents. That May Be Why You Have A Weight Problem. REMEMBER: This All Began More Than 40 Years Ago!


Children 023You Are Expected To Pass On Your Eating Habits, Along With Your Weight Problems, - To Your Children. They'll Learn To Live The Same Life You Do And Pass It On To Their Children. The Biggest Industry In The World Depends On It.  This Is YOUR Chance To Break Free!


For Probably The First Time Ever, You'll Be In Total Harmony With Your Body.  It Doesn't Want The Weight Any More Than You Do. This Is Not like Any Weight Loss You Have Had Before. You’ll Look And Feel Fantastic. Your Cravings And Hunger Pains Will Be Gone. There'll Be No More Late Night Binges, Because Your Thoughts Will No Longer Be Dominated By Food.


At Last You Can Feel Free, Light, And Energetic. Because You’ll Know This Weight Loss Will Last You A Lifetime. 

No More Diets!

* This program does not allow you to diet. 

No More Cravings!

* Your Food Cravings Will Disappear.

No More Hunger !

*  No Calories To Count And No Food Plans.

No More Body Fat!

* Stay Friends With Your Body To Stay Slim. 

What Makes This Weight Loss Method So Unique?


couple on the beachI Want To Be 100% Transparent.  Before You Begin Anything New And Different, You Should Always Ask: What Are The Alternatives? But This Weight Loss Method Has Never Been Offered Before.  That Means There ARE No Alternatives, Except A Diet And Diets Have Proved They Ultimately, Lead To Obesity.



You Can Pay $50 – To $150 A Month For A DIET  Or PROGRAM That Makes You Constantly Hungry And Guarantees Your Weight Will Begin To Return The Moment You Stop.  And We Both Know THAT WILL HAPPEN… Because Nobody Can Diet Forever And Still Remain Healthy.   - Or You Can Take Advantage Of A 7 Day Trial, For $1, That Includes The First Of 6 Modules.  For Only A Very Short Time, This Is Your Chance "To Try It, Before You Buy It".


This Time, You Won't Be Fighting A Weight Problem!




This Is The First Weight Loss Method Ever, That Can Promise A awareness-1052371__180 (1)Permanent Result And Actually Deliver It.  It's Easy To Understand. It's Completely Safe, It's Healthy And It Makes Perfect Sense.   It DOESN'T Involve Diets, Exercise, Pills, Or Potions.


If You Have A Weight Problem, This Could Be Your First And Only Chance To Get The Permanent Weight Loss You Have Always Hoped For.  But Don't Delay. When The Membership Reaches 50, The Price WILL Have To Increase.  At My Age, I Need To be Sure I Can Provide Everyone With The Necessary Support.  Waiting Can Be Costly.





Based On The results You Will Get From This Membership, Compared To Other Available Options, It Would Have To Exceed $150 A Month.  But You Won’t Pay Anywhere Near That - My Priority Is To Bring This Crucial Information To As Many People As I Can Reach.  I Want This To Be Affordable To Everybody.  If You JOIN Today. The First Fifty People Who Take The 7 Day $1 Trial And Continue The Membership Are Guaranteed To Pay Only:

$19.95 A Month.


You Will Be Rewarded For Making Your Decision Now.  Because When The Price Goes Up, Yours Will Remain The Same For As Long As You Maintain Your Membership. 


 Things You've Never Been Told Before...


A. How To Tune-In And Reconnect With Your Body

B. How To Eliminate Food Cravings And Binges

C. How To Choose The Food That Suits Your Digestive System.

D. How To Return To Intuitive Eating As Nature Intended

E. How To Lose Weight Naturally, Without Diets Or Exercise.

F. How To Get To Know And Understand Your Own Body.


How Is It Different To A Diet?


 *Diets Are Not Permitted.

*You Can Forget About Calories And Meal plans.

*Your Food Cravings Will Stop And So Will Your Binging.

*It’s A Step By Step, Easy To Follow Process.

 *The Weight Loss Will Last You A Lifetime.


I have known Kirsten for more than 6 years. I have read her books and have followed her approach to healthy eating. I know from experience that what she teaches – works! There are all kinds of "diets" out there, but what Kirsten teaches is not only how to eat to normalize weight, but why it works, and why weight loss diets fail. I have often tried to encourage her to put all that she knows into a step by step program that anyone can easily follow. I’m so pleased she has finally done exactly that.
Karen Weir, 
Alberta Canada




I have known Kirsten for several years now and have followed her journey to lose weight and become healthier. I know that her program works as I see the results. Over the years I have tried diets.Many times I have been successful in taking off the weight. But as Kirsten points out, I always gained it back, and usually added a few more pounds too! I have been in "Diet" groups both locally and on the internet. The main thing everyone seems to struggle with is "staying on the diet". They may lose a large amount of weight, but they are always struggling to stay on the "diet". They struggle with cravings and then binge and give up. Or they were successful losing the weight but gained it right back when they went off the "diet" and resumed their old way of eating. It seems to me that most people binge because of cravings for the same foods that made them gain the weight in the first place. And once they start eating those foods again they just can't stop! Kirsten's program is not a diet, but a plan to help you lose weight naturally, without diets or exercise. Kirsten's program will show you how to eliminate cravings, binges and hunger pains forever. Think of the monthly fee as a life saving investment: Use the money that you used to spend on junk food to lose your excess weight for good and on a new lifestyle plan for a healthier you!

Gail Hess,  
St Louis, Missouri


That's What I Would Ask, If I Was In Your Position.  I Can’t Speak For Those Who CAN Answer That Question.  But I am Willing To Make An Educated Guess.

We Saw It Happen With The Tobacco Industry.  We Really Shouldn't Be Surprised To See It Happen Again With The Food Industry. 

When Billions Of Dollars Are At Stake,  And There Is No Compelling Reason For Disclosure, - Things Like Ethics, Morals, and Social Responsibility – They Tend To End Up On The Scrap Heap.

The Choice Between Making Billions of dollars, At The Expense Of An Obesity Epidemic And Possibly Diabetes Type 2. -  Or Giving Up A Lucrative Industry, By Making A Full Public Disclosure. - The Choice Is Clearly A NO- BRAINER!  - For One Of The Biggest, Most Powerful Industries In The World.

As For Me, A 74 Year Old Retired Business Woman.  I Have Nothing To Lose Except A Feeling Of Guilt For Having Failed, Till Now, To Make These Facts Widely Known! 

My Sincerest Hope Is That Those Of You, Who Recognize The Danger To Yourselves And Your Families, Will Share This Page With As Many People As You Can. Particularly With Those Who Need It Most. For That Alone You Will Have My Deepest Gratitude.


  • You Follow The Modules To The Letter.
  • You Make No Excuses To Yourself.
  • IF Or When You Falter, You Ask For Help In Our Skype Group.
  • Or You Contact Me Direct For Advice. 
  • You Read And Follow All 6 Modules

If, After A 7 Day $1 Trial, Along With All The Information Provided In The First Module, You Are Still Not Able To Commit 12 Weeks Of Your Life To Yourself.  If You  Still Can't Give Yourself To A Course That Will Improve Your Health, Prolong Your Life And Eliminate Your Weight Problems Forever.  – Then This Program Is NOT For You!


This Product Is not yet Available for Purchase.  If you would like to be advised when a launch date has been set, or you would like additional information,  you can Email me For Details at: support@kirstenplotkin.com