DO You Want THE TRUTH About Why Diets Don't Work?

Wouldn't You Love To Get Slim

And Thumb Your Nose

At Diets Forever?

And Never Have To Diet Again?

So Ask Yourself:  What Did We Do Before We Began To Diet?  OK, It’s A Trick Question, Because We Didn't Begin To Diet Till around Forty Years Ago. Till Then, There Was no Reason, Or Need For Anyone To Diet. We Could Still Rely On Our Natural Instinct Called; 'Intuitive Eating', That's How We Chose Our Natural Food, - By Instinct. We Didn't Need Diets Till We Were Unwillingly Forced To Give Up Our Traditional, Intuitive Way Of Eating.


   What Happened To Force That Change?


It Began With The Food Industry, And 'The Diet Experts' Who Created The First Ever, Actual Diet, The Food Pyramid.  They joined forces To Promote The Food Pyramid, As The Only Cure For High Cholesterol. We learned That The Natural Intuitive Diet, We Took For Granted For Centuries, Was The Cause Of High Cholesterol.  Cholesterol Was Very Dangerous! We knew That, Because It Was Announced By The Biggest, World-Wide, Media Scare Campaign, Since Polio.


Doctors Scrambled To get Us All tested. We Were Bombarded From Every Direction, With Warnings About The dangers Of High Cholesterol.  As People Around The World, Rushed To get Tested, It Quickly Emerged that Almost Every Person Had Dangerously High Cholesterol. It Was Already established that The Only Cause of High Cholesterol was Our Natural, Intuitive Diet.  Only The New Food Pyramid Could Save Us.


That Just Didn't Make Sense. How Could A Natural Intuitive Diet, That Had Kept Us Lean and Healthy for Centuries, Suddenly Become So Dangerous, It required Us To Immediately Abandon it For A Structured, Regimented Food Pyramid.  A Diet So Complicated, It required A Large Poster And A  'Diet Expert' To Advise Us And Guide Us Through What Was a Very Different Eating Regime, With very Different Foods.  Why Did Nobody, With Authority, Ever Ask The Most Logical Question:


How Could A Human Made Diet, Based On New Manufactured, Processed Foods,  Be A healthy Substitute

To A Traditional, Intuitive Die


How Could A Diet, Containing 60% of Manufactured, Processed ‘Foods” Our Body Had Never Experience Before, Become Essential, In Curing A Dangerous Condition We Had never heard Of Before. Unbelievable Right?  But What Needs To be Remembered Is That We Were Under Severe Pressure, Up Against A Massive, World-Wide Media Scare Campaign, that bombarded us For Months.  Behind it Stood A Greedy Industry and Hundred's Of Ambitious 'Diet Experts'.


What Made it So Serious, Was The Fact That Almost Every Cholesterol Test Proved To Show a High Cholesterol Reading.  This Added Even More Fuel To The Already Daily Scare Campaign. People Everywhere were Frightened and Bullied Into Getting Tested. Incredibly, not a single Medical or Science Institution or Individual raised The Obvious Question:


If  Our Centuries Old, Traditional, Intuitive Diet, Was The Cause of High Cholesterol, Could It Be That High Cholesterol is Normal?


Imagine! Under All That Pressure, Including our own Doctor's Urging, Even someone Like Me, With Huge issues Concerning The Food Pyramid, having Witnessed The Expedient Way It Was Created, Finally Caved in.  I Can't Believe Anyone Particularly Wanted To Begin a Time Draining Diet Regime, But we Were Scared and We Were Not Really Given a Choice.  The Food Pyramid Was The Only Solution To High Cholesterol. 


It was All About The Food Pyramid, The Magic Solution That Would Save Us.  The People Who created That Diet, did Not Have Authentic Qualifications, although by now, They have Overcome That, By Creating Their Own Curriculum.  As to the Rest of Us, We Began To get Fat, We Continued To get Fat, Till We Eventually Became Obese. Today We Have An Obesity Epidemic To prove it.


Who Reaped The benefits Of This Story?  It Made The Drug Companies Ecstatic, They Launched A Whole New Range of Drugs To Fight Cholesterol. The Food Industry Were Equally Excited Because Not Only did They Have A 60% Stake In The Food Pyramid, They had a Whole New Range Of Products, Called Snack Foods, Engineered To Be Simply Irresistible.  We No Longer Had To Wait For Our 3 Meals A  Day. We Could Now Eat All Day Long. 


Till Now, Nobody Has ever questioned Why Our Traditional Intuitive Diet Was Blamed For High Cholesterol.  But it Certainly Proved to be A Massive Windfall For The Food Industry, The Drug Industry, The Medical profession and The Thousands Of People Who still benefit from the Diets They Continue To Create and Promote.  This Is Not Something That Happened In The Past. It Is Happening Now and Morbid Obesity, and Diabetes Type 2, are Killing People Right Now.


Try To Imagine How it Was When it All began.  Forty Years Ago, Millions Of perfectly Healthy people, around the World, Responded To A media Scare Campaign and Rushed to the Doctor To Have Their Cholesterol Test. Almost Everyone of them, Adults and Children alike, had High Cholesterol.  The Only Choice They were Given Was The Food Pyramid. To Understand What That means To YOU Today, You need To Understand Your Own Body.


Did You Know Your Digestive System Is Identical To Your Most Distant Ancestor's?


We, Human Beings, Cannot, and DO NOT Adapt, We Evolve. We can Play Around With Our Facade, our Looks and Appearance.  But Unless We Employ a Qualified Surgeon, We Cannot Alter Even the Smallest Detail of Our Internal body Without Consequences. We Have Interfered With Our Metabolism and Digestive System.  As A result, We Now have An Obesity Epidemic and a Looming Epidemic of Diabetes Type 2.


Our Body is Not A Playground.  We Cannot Make it Adapt To "Foods" Our Digestive System Doesn't Understand.  We Have Become an Enemy To Our Own Body.  It doesn't Understand the Foods We Eat. it Doesn't Understand Diets.  It Understands Only Famine. When You Diet, Your Body Slows Your Metabolism and Waits For the Famine To Pass. When It's Over, Your Body will Restore Every Ounce Of Fat You've Lost. It'll then Add an Extra Layer Of Fat To Protect you Against The Next Famine. That's Nature!





We DO NOT Adapt, We Evolve.  Evolution Is Extremely slow. It's Calculated in EONS, Not Years. Here We Are Today, Foolishly Expecting Our Body To Adapt To Manufactured, Processed Foods. These are not Real Foods. They Have No Part In Evolution. For 40 years, We've Stuffed Our once Pristine Digestive System With Fake, Alien Foods, As If We Were A Garbage Bin. Is it so surprising, that when we began to do that, we also began to get fat?  


Till 40 years ago, Obesity was not A Normal Experience.  Only Sick People Became Fat.  Like People With A Thyroid Condition, Or Diabetes Type 2. Back then; Only A Qualified Doctor, could prescribe A Diet.  But It Wasn’t Long Before Diet Experts Popped up Everywhere. They were there to help us 'adapt' to the new diet regime. We were Bombarded With Pseudo Science and it Seemed Everybody had become an expert.


By the time we realized that The Food Pyramid Was Making Us Fat, There was Already a Replacement Diet Ready To Go. There was always A Newer, Better  Diet To Try. They all had one thing in Common, They Ultimately Made Us Fat.  We Have Passed Our Diet Along To Our Children.  The Industry Expects Us To Do That.  We Have Learned To Diet, We Have Also Learned To Accept a Variety Of Digestive conditions as A Normal Fact of Life . Like Indigestion, Colic, Reflux, Heart Burn Etc...





To Me, The Most Chilling Concern Is The Fact That No Medical or Science Facility Or Institution, anywhere in the world, Has Ever Shown An Interest Or Concern About The Sudden Abandonment of Our Traditional, Intuitive Diet and the ensuing Eruption Of Weight Problems, Not Even As it Developed Into An Official Obesity Epidemic. Even today, Obesity is treated Unsuccessfully, Because People Who Treat it, Are Ignorant Regarding the Cause Of Obesity. 


So We began To Experiment on Ourselves, With Other new Diets. We Hoped that At least one of Them Would Lead Us Back To Our Lean Healthy Selves.  Whatever we Did, We kept On Getting Fatter. Obesity Became The Norm. Today, More Than 60% of The Population In The Western World, And parts Of Asia, are Getting Fat and Heading for Obesity.  That Number Is Growing Daily. The Unbelievable Is Now Happening; There Are Babies Being Born Fat. 


So Once Again I Ask You: What Did We Do Before We Began To Diet?


The Answer Is The Key To What I Want to Teach You.  It's The Story of the 3 World Events That Made Us Fat. It's A Highly Guarded Secret Because It Has Become The Very Foundation Of Arguably The Biggest Industry In The World. I'll Show You The Trigger That Started The Obesity Epidemic.  I'll Teach You How and Why We Began To Get Fat.  You'll Learn Who Started It, Who profits From It and How They're Still Doing It At This Moment. 


But Knowing That, Still Leaves That Very Big Question: What can YOU do about it? How Can You Use This Knowledge To Lose The Weight and Ensure That the Weight Loss Will Last You A Lifetime. That Will Be Answered In The 3 World Events That Made Us Fat!


If You’re sick of Short Term Band-Aid Diets.  If You’ve had enough of the constant food cravings and the irresistible Binges That Constantly Plague You. If You Want To Eliminate Your Weight and save your kids from Obesity, you should know that Controlling Your Weight was Never Meant To be your Job.  For the first Time in Your Life, You Can Stop The Cravings and Binges.  You Can Become That lean healthy person That has Eluded all of us For forty Years.  I want To Reveal To You Why This has Happened To You, and why It’ll happen to Your Children Unless You Take Action.


12 years ago, When I Discovered The 3rd Event, Everything Changed For me.  I Finally had Proof Of What I had Suspected For So Long.  I Could Now Trust That My Theory Would Work. So I Developed a 12 Week Program For Myself.  I stuck to it For The Required 12 Weeks and I Lost The 30 Pounds I Had So Unhappily Dragged Around for Twenty Years. That Weight Has Never Returned. I Have Now Developed a New, More Sophisticated Version of That Program. It Is Included In The Package.


For me, The 3rd Event finally brought all the pieces together, that had Floated Around in My head and Bugged Me for Thirty Years. What I had suspected for so long, turned out to be true. The Truth became crystal clear. Frankly, I felt like a fool for not having trusted my own instincts. The 12 week program I created then, became a cure for my anger and a ‘Right Back At You’ Message To The Industry That Had Lied, and Exploited Me, and millions of Others. Pointless, but it still felt good.


The Program is Unlike Any Weight Loss Program known to this day.  It consists of 6 Comprehensive modules, each a mini course in itself.  The first module is delivered at time of purchase. The remaining modules are delivered via email, one every 2 weeks. The reason they are not all delivered at once is 'human nature' we all want results and we want them quickly.  The modules are not difficult to do and they quickly produce a result.  This makes people excited and impatient.


That Means If all the modules were there, people would more likely move onto the next module within a few days or a Week.  Remember, this is not a diet. it's a System That Is Intended to Reconnect You to Your Inner Body and Regain Its Trust.  Your Result Depends on Learning How to Work With your own Body, to Reactivate your Natural Intuitive Instinct Called "Intuitive Eating" To Bring Back the Harmony Needed Between Your Metabolism, your Digestive System and You. That's What Makes This so Different. It's What Makes It work For A Lifetime.



That's Why You Need 12 Weeks To Do It.


The 12 Week Program I've Included in The 3 Events, is an Improved, Expanded Version of the Original Program I Created Just For Me.  I know It’ll do For You What it Did For Me,  Because It’s Plain, Old, Common Sense.  To Learn the Truth is to Simply “Know It”.  It Needs no Further Elaboration.  This is the First Time Ever, this Information has been Exposed to The Public and the First Time Ever the Solution has Been Available to Everyone.  When You learn The Truth, You'll Immediately Realize: That This Makes Perfect Sense!


So What Exactly Is Included In The Package? 


To Summarize: The 3 World Events are Delivered By 3 PDF's and 3 Videos, Describing the 3 Events In Detail.  The Weight Loss Solution Part Consists of 6 Comprehensive Modules that Take You Through The Ultimate Weight Loss Over a Period of 12 Weeks.  Finally There's an Exclusive, Members Only Master Class Skype Group, Where You Can Meet and Exchange Ideas and results With Other Participants. This is Also Where You'll have Direct Access To me.


If you Do Nothing Else, Remember This Very Important Message:  Your Body Does not Adapt, it Evolves. You Were Not Born To Be Fat. Your Digestive System was not Created to Process Manufactured Products, However Good you Think  They Taste.  Your Metabolism and Digestive System were created to Work Together to Control and Balance Your Weight, Using Your Now Dormant, Intuitive Instinct.


That Was Never Meant To Be Your Job!



 This Is Where You'll Learn The Only True Answer To The Question: How Can I get a weight loss that'll last a lifetime? The ONLY ANSWER, Is Found In...


The 3 World Events That Made Us Fat.


Add Up the Amount  Of Time, Energy And Money You Have Spent Till Now, Attempting To Get A Lean healthy Body For Life, Without Ever seeing A Lasting Result,  Then Think About What You Would Pay For A 12 Week Solution To A Permanent, Lifetime Result.  


No More Diets!

* This program does not allow you to diet. 

No More Cravings!

* Your Food Cravings Will Disappear.

No More Hunger !

*  No Calories To Count And No Food Plans.

No More Body Fat!

* Stay Friends With Your Body To Stay Slim. 

What Makes The 3 World Events That Made us fat So Unique?


The 3 World Events Are 3 Actual Events That Span A Period Of Forty Years.  Each Event Is Explored by a Comprehensive PDF, and A Shorter Video Version.  All 3 Events Came Together, About 12 Years Ago.  That's When The Whole Story unfolded in All its Horror. But Few People Remembered the First 2 Events, and Therefore Never Realized the Significance Of This Final Event. Those Who Did, Had A Hard Time Finding The Information.  It Was A Huge Embarrassment, Not least To The Entire Medical profession.


There are 2 Parts To The 3 Events, The First  Part Is The Story Of The Events, How They Have Affected Our lives, and continue To Do So Even Today.  You'll Understand Why We Have An Obesity Epidemic. What has probably Caused Diabetes Type 2, and Exactly Why We're All getting Fat.  The Second Part Consists Of 6 Modules, each a Mini Course, Teaching You, Step By Step, How To Lose Your Weight and be Absolutely Sure, It'll Never Return.


I Want To Be 100% Transparent.  Before You Begin Anything New And Different, You Should Always Ask: What Are The Alternatives? But This Weight Loss Method Has Never Been Offered Before.  That Means There ARE No Alternatives, Except A Diet And Diets Have Proved They Ultimately, Lead To Obesity.  This Is The First Weight Loss Method Ever, That Can Promise A Permanent Result And Actually Deliver It. 


It's Easy To Understand. It's Completely Safe, It's Healthy And It Makes Perfect Sense.   It DOESN'T Involve Diets, Exercise, Pills, Or Potions.


 You Can Pay $50 – To $150 A Month For A DIET  Or a PROGRAM That Makes You Constantly Hungry And Guarantees Your Weight Will Begin To Return The Moment You Stop.  And We Both Know THAT WILL HAPPEN… Because Nobody Can Diet Forever And Still Remain Healthy.  This Is Your Chance To Get Back Control Of Your Body And Your Weight.  If You Have A Weight Problem, This is Your First And Probably Only Chance To Get The Permanent Weight Loss You Have Always Hoped For.  But Don't Delay,  The Price WILL Have To Increase.  Waiting Can Be Costly.

This Time, You Won't Be Fighting A Weight Problem! 








There is no other weight loss program like it. But Based On Weight Loss Methods Currently In Use, It Would Have To Exceed $150 A Month.  You Won’t Pay by the month and you won't pay Anywhere Near That - My Priority Is To Bring This Crucial Information To As Many People As I Can Reach.  I Want This To Be Affordable To Everybody.  Get this at a SPECIAL One Time Payment Of  $97.


Things You've Never Been Told Before...


A. How To Tune-In And Reconnect With Your Body

B. How To Eliminate Food Cravings And Binges

C. How To Choose The Food That Suits Your Digestive System.

D. How To Return To Intuitive Eating As Nature Intended

E. How To Lose Weight Naturally, Without Diets Or Exercise.

F. How To Get To Know And Understand Your Own Body.


How Is It Different To A Diet?


*Diets Are Not Permitted.

*You Can Forget About Calories And Meal plans.

*Your Food Cravings Will Stop And So Will Your Binging.

*It’s A Step By Step, Easy To Follow Process.

 *The Weight Loss Will Last You A Lifetime.


I have known Kirsten for more than 6 years. I have read her books and have followed her approach to healthy eating. I know from experience that what she teaches – works! There are all kinds of "diets" out there, but what Kirsten teaches is not only how to eat to normalize weight, but why it works, and why weight loss diets fail. I have often tried to encourage her to put all that she knows into a step by step program that anyone can easily follow. I’m so pleased she has finally done exactly that.

Karen Weir, 
Alberta Canada


I have known Kirsten for several years now and have followed her journey to lose weight and become healthier. I know that her program works as I see the results. Over the years I have tried diets.Many times I have been successful in taking off the weight. But as Kirsten points out, I always gained it back, and usually added a few more pounds too!

I have been in "Diet" groups both locally and on the internet. The main thing everyone seems to struggle with is "staying on the diet". They may lose a large amount of weight, but they are always struggling to stay on the "diet". They struggle with cravings and then
binge and give up. Or they were successful losing the weight but gained it right back when they went off the "diet" and resumed their old way of eating.

It seems to me that most people binge because of cravings for the same foods that made them gain the weight in the first place. And once they start eating those foods again they just can't stop!
Kirsten's program is not a diet, but a plan to help you lose weight naturally, without diets or exercise. Kirsten's program will show you how to eliminate cravings, binges and hunger pains forever.

Think of the monthly fee as a life saving investment: Use the money that you used to spend on junk food to lose your excess weight for good and on a new lifestyle plan for a healthier you!

Gail Hess,  
St Louis, Missouri


That's What I Would Ask, If I Was In Your Position.  I Can’t Speak For Those Who CAN Answer That Question.  But I am Willing To Make An Educated Guess.

We Saw It Happen With The Tobacco Industry.  We Really Shouldn't Be Surprised To See It Happen Again With The Food Industry. 

When Billions Of Dollars Are At Stake,  And There Is No Compelling Reason For Disclosure, - Things Like Ethics, Morals, and Social Responsibility – They Tend To End Up On The Scrap Heap.

The Choice Between Making Billions of dollars, At The Expense Of An Obesity Epidemic And Possibly Diabetes Type 2. -  Or Giving Up A Lucrative Industry, By Making A Full Public Disclosure. - The Choice Is Clearly A NO- BRAINER!  - For One Of The Biggest, Most Powerful Industries In The World.

As For Me, A 76 Year Old Retired Business Woman.  I Have Nothing To Lose Except A Feeling Of Guilt For Having Failed, Till Now, To Make These Facts Widely Known! 

My Sincerest Hope Is That Those Of You, Who Recognize The Danger To Yourselves And Your Families, Will Share This Page With As Many People As You Can. Particularly With Those Who Need It Most. For That Alone You Will Have My Deepest Gratitude.



This Product Is not yet Available for Purchase.  If you would like to be advised when a launch date has been set, or you would like additional information,  you can Email me For Details at: